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How to Instantly Change The Mood of Your Photos with Pixlr

More often than not, content creators struggle in getting visuals that can convey the specific mood and tone that they want. This is especially true for photo editors, as they usually find a suitable image, but somehow it still lacks the right elements.  Fortunately, Pixlr is here to help you in making the necessary alterations

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5 Creative Fall Photo Shoot & Photo Editing Ideas

Bid summer farewell and say hello to cooler weather and knitted sweaters. There’s truly no better season that can represent growth, maturity and warmth than fall.  If you are looking for inspiration to get your creative juices flowing this autumn, we have just the right visuals for you. Let us guide you through this captivating

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5 Popular Instagram Photo Editing Trends You Should Hop On

Nine months into 2021, and the pandemic situation is still looking dire in certain parts of the world. Creatives, graphic designers, and photographers have been forced to pause their normal lives and thrusted into a world of stay-at-home orders. Undeniably, this isn’t the best thing for our artistic expression. Nonetheless, we at Pixlr are still

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How to Make Your Photos Black and White with Pixlr X

Why make photos black and white, you may ask? Turning your images monochromatic (specifically in this case, black and white) is a surefire way to convey nostalgia and timelessness. By adding a black and white filter, simple photos can then become dramatic or moody. A sense of class can also be achieved in your images

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In The Spotlight | J.T. Liss

“Be an authentic human and an authentic artist.” J.T. Liss is a photographic artist whose talents are internationally recognized, with his work featured in multiple exhibits, grabbing the attention of notable magazines and Grammy-winning artists. By allowing the viewers the chance to develop diverse perspectives from his creative pieces in combination with poetry, he has

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Smarter, Faster & Easier with Pixlr 2021

New Year, New Pixlr That’s right! Ranging from edgy new features to refined AI-powered background removal, the Pixlr 2021 update is tailored to all your graphic design and photo editing needs. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the new Pixlr release! Streamlined Interface The new Pixlr layout focuses on a “Design First” workflow,

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