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How to Replace The Sky in Your Visuals with Pixlr

Calling all photographers and content creators, have you ever taken a touristy landscape photo and wished the sky looked more interesting? Nature is beautiful and giving, but sometimes it won’t give you the sky you’re hoping for in a typical Instagram shot. There will be gloomy skies or cloudless canvases, but don’t worry, Pixlr has your

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Christmas Punny Card Ideas

Are you looking for Christmas puns that will totally sleigh the greeting card game this holiday season? Well, look no further, because Pixlr is here to jingle your inspiration bells! These tree-mendously hilarious Christmas one-liners are not only perfect for your (digital) holiday greeting cards, but also for your mandatory festive Instagram post captions.  Now,

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A Guide to Neon Colors and Designs

Neon colors are bold, striking, and memorable – they can easily add energy and excitement to your projects, making your designs stand out from the rest.   Traditionally, neon colors are associated with fun, parties, and over-the-top fashion. In line with the revival of the 1980s, neon colors have also lit up (pun intended) the design

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Creative Photography Ideas to Try This Season

The air has become colder, the yellow and orange leaves have started falling, turning the streets and pavements golden – fall is the perfect season for any landscape, portrait, or even flat-lay photography. Looking for creative photography ideas to inspire your upcoming fall photoshoot? Well, look no further, because we’ve compiled 4 cool photography ideas

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How to Create A Desktop Wallpaper with Pixlr

There’s nothing quite like customizing and creating your own wallpaper for your desktop. With Pixlr, you can let your personal style shine through and easily create a wallpaper from scratch. Let us show you how to do it!

Color Splash Effect and Why We Love Them

What is a color splash effect? True to its name, the color splash effect is an image editing trick that transforms full-color photos into black and white, with a dash of colors left usually to emphasize its main subject. This artistic decision can be done either to elevate your portfolio, to beautify your social media

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Tips & Tricks for E-Commerce Product Photography

When it comes to promoting your products online, things can get tricky as buyers are not provided the choice to feel, wear or try on the products. Not having a physical store can pose a challenge for certain e-commerce sellers. This is where e-commerce photography swoops in to save today. E-commerce product photography is a

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Tips for Faster Editing: A Beginner’s Guide to Batch Edit

Batch editing: your one-stop solution for increased efficiency  Have you ever struggled when it comes to editing and renaming a large sum of files? Oftentimes, content creators and photo editors alike tend to have numerous images that they need to alter and beautify just for a single project. The question is, how can this process

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4 Beautiful Reasons We Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Glitch Effect.

Often seen as a sign of malfunctions and errors, glitches have now taken over the design world. The effect is now seen as a reminder to old times, serving nostalgia to its viewers as our technology today has made it happen less and less.  As a result, glitch effects have surged in popularity especially as

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How To Create A Harry Potter Inspired Photo to Spark the Magic

Gather around, Potterheads. Magic is real. Have you always dreamt about getting that Hogwarts acceptance letter and getting a turn with the sorting hat? Live out your fantasy; turn your backyard into a scene at Hogwarts. It’s almost as if you got on the next Hogwarts Express train. We’ve come up with a few ways

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