User Spotlight: Maria Georgiadou

There’s a solid group of people who take spectacular photos and share them to our Flickr group. Today, we’re getting to know one of them a little better, Maria Georgiadou, who hails from Athens, Greece.
Maria is especially good at creating images she calls “Re-Creations.” You can find a great set of these images here on Flickr, and all of them are edited with PIxlr-o-matic. She takes photos of trees, the sea, flowers, whatever and edits them with effects, overlays, and borders to really make them into a different kind of photo art. As she notes in the set, “Some photos just crave to be…something else… I create a photo, then I create something else out of the same photo.”
Many of these photos have the look of an old, faded postcard that was mailed to your grandmother from the Old World. Maria’s Greek locale really shines through in these gorgeously scratched-up scenes.
In addition to these Re-Creations, she’s also great with color, and she takes some excellent macro shots of flowers and nature and everything else she finds along the way. We asked her about her history of taking and sharing photos.
How long have you been taking photos?
2007 was the year I bought my first digital compact camera and started attending photography seminars. Before that I used to take photos on my holidays only, but my family background consists of at least five photographers (cousins, uncles, aunts) plus two of my best friends. So, photography was always there for me, and at some point it became my favorite hobby. I started sharing my photos on the Internet several years later, although my Flickr account was opened in 2009.
Are you a pro or amateur photographer? What kind of equipment do you use?
I consider myself a very enthusiastic amateur photographer, although I’ve done some work with magazines and newspapers. I’m always in search of quality photography jobs, especially when it comes to landscapes or macros or photographing clubs, bars, hotels, etc. I own three digital cameras and 10 analog! I usually work with my Canon EOS 450 SLR camera.
I don’t see many people in your photos or posed settings. Are there any special subjects that regularly catch your eye?
The subjects that usually interest me are landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, macro, doors and windows, small details of objects, objects like handmade stuff (jewelry, gifts, etc.), animals, theater, street graffiti. I am really shy at photographing people I don’t know in the streets, so I usually do it when they’re not looking, and I have to use all of my zoom to do it!
Do you use many effects, overlays, or filters? What photo apps do you use?
I use Pixlr-o-matic for adding overlays and textures. Other than that, I do the usual corrections in color or in contrast/brightness on programs like Picasa or FastStone.


Where can we find more of your work?
Here are some links where you can find my stuff: my Facebook Page500px, and and of course my Flickr account and especially the Re-Creations set, which is created using Pixlr-o-matic only.
And, of course, you can follow her in any of those locations, and we suggest you do! She’s always got something pretty to share.

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