Back to School with a Digital Twist with Pixlr for Education!

As the school bell prepares to ring in a fresh academic year, it’s time to arm our students with the best tools for their creative pursuits this back-to-school season. With the digital age marching forward, equipping our students with top-tier digital designing skills has never been more critical. That’s where Pixlr for Education shines.

Why Pixlr for Education is Your Classroom’s New Best Friend

Pixlr for Education isn’t just another program – it’s a powerful ecosystem designed especially for educators, teachers, and administrators. This exclusive program gifts an ad-free environment filled with easy-to-use templates, intricate overlays, vibrant icons, decorative text, and sophisticated editing tools.

10 Fun Facts: How Pixlr for Education Shapes Futuristic Creators

  • AI-Powered Precision: Gone are the days of spending hours to get that perfect edit. Pixlr’s AI Infill tool refine images with futuristic accuracy.
  • Smart Templates: With AI-enhanced templates, projects get a professional touch, making every student’s work stand out.
  • Instant Background Removal: Want to focus on the subject? Pixlr’s Remove Background tool swiftly removes backgrounds, saving students hours of meticulous work.
  • Effortless Resizing: Ensure your designs fit any platform. With Pixlr’s intelligent Smart Resize tool, images adapt without losing their charm.
  • One-Click Effects: Achieve complex photo effects with just a click, thanks to Pixlr’s smart algorithms.
  • Effortless Logo Creation: With AI-guided tools, students can develop unique logos, letting their brand ideas shine brightly.
  • Smart Object Removal: Remove photobombers or unwanted objects from images in a snap, keeping the spotlight on what matters.
  • Enchanting Auto Enhance: In just a tap, Pixlr’s AI identifies and optimizes different elements of an image, making every project instantly pop!
  • AI-Powered Colorize Tool: Transform black and white photos into vibrant, color-rich images. Bring history to life or add a splash of color to monochrome projects effortlessly.
  • AI Image Generator: Create stunning visuals from scratch! Just provide a description, and watch as Pixlr’s AI crafts the image you envisioned.

Grab Your Pixlr for Education Pass in a Flash!

Kick off the school season by registering for a account using your school domain email.

Fill out the application form, and voila! You’re set to immerse yourself in the world of digital creativity.

Note to the Students: Individual applications aren’t on the table right now. *Team up with your teachers or administrators and get Pixlr for your whole school!

*Your Teacher’s ID will be your golden ticket for the application.

As leaves turn golden and school corridors buzz with excitement, let’s ensure our classrooms are equipped for the future. With Pixlr for Education, every project becomes a masterpiece, and every student a digital maestro.

Ready to embark on this futuristic educational journey? Dive into the mesmerising realm of digital design with Pixlr for Education and watch as classrooms turn into design studios.

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