Captivating April’s Spring Bloom: A Floral Photography Inspo

As spring breathes new life into Mother Nature, flowers begin to bloom and floral photography starts to take over all of social media. 

Spring is the season when our social media feeds get flooded with macro images of flowers and perfectly posed floral portraits. We, as human beings, have always been fascinated by flowers – they’re vibrant, colorful, unique, unusual, and just simply so much fun to photograph. 

So, we, here at Pixlr, have come up with some fresh new photography ideas that will help elevate your springtime shots. 

1. Sakura Showers

Sakura (cherry blossoms) is the symbolic flower of spring, representing innocence and the fragile beauty of life itself. 

Now, we all know this flower is beloved by all and is the subject of many macro photographers or flower enthusiasts. But, in this idea, we want to showcase the flower’s silhouette/shadow.

We recommend shooting in direct sunlight but during golden hour so that the overall lighting is softer on the eyes and the shadows aren’t as harsh. Or, you can diffuse your light source using a softbox or a simple white sheet to help soften the light and create a more natural look on your subject.

If you want to add more flowers to your portrait to elevate the feel of spring, you can always edit your image using Pixlr. Simply open your image in Pixlr E and click on Browse Elements

Now, click on Overlay and select Floating Flowers from the list. 

Feel free to choose whichever variation of Floating Flowers that best suits your image. 

Here, we’ve layered a few different variations of the overlay and adjusted the opacity of each layer to add a certain depth to the image. 

And here we have it – the final sakura portrait. 

2. Mirror Mirror In The Field

Utilizing a mirror in your photoshoots is not exactly a new idea, but you can always elevate it by placing it in a field or meadow of flowers. 

The key is to frame yourself or your subject within the mirror and strike a pose, as simple as that. 

If you’re not fond of human subjects, you can simply utilize the mirror as a canvas and the flowers your paint. 

Make sure your mirror is facing the sky, and start arranging your flowers on top of it. Get creative and go crazy with as many colors as you want! 

3. Floral Bath

Nothing is as whimsical and dreamy as soaking in a warm beautiful bath of fresh flowers. You can easily recreate this with fake flowers as well. 

As always, framing is key when it comes to portrait photography. Make sure your model is perfectly framed with the flowers accentuating the face of the subject. 

4. Colorful Vases

Here’s some indoor photography inspiration for you all – colorful unique glass vases adorned with beautiful flowers. 

Encapsulating all the elements of spring, this setup not only brightens your space, but also your social media feed

Let your creativity blossom this spring! 

From floral portraits to indoor spring-inspired setups, we hope these ideas can help freshen up your feeds this season. Share your vibrant photos and creations with us by tagging @pixlr on Facebook and Instagram – we’d love to see what you can create with Pixlr!